How to book your excursion on

Monday, 2 August 2021  |  Admin

When you have decided to place the item in your basket, please make sure you have selected the date on which you would like to take your tour. you will be notified by popup if you haven't done this so don't worry. If you have children to add to the basket you must repeat the process, but the date should already be loaded.
When you proceed to check out you will be offered the opportunity to open an account, but this is not essential. Be sure to enter the discount code you have been sent. If you have yet to do this, there is a sign up box on the home page underneath the slideshow.

On the checkout page you will be asked to enter the name of the hotel or apartment where you will be staying. This information is vital because we need to locate the nearest pick up point for you where necessary. If you are staying in a private residence, please submit private to the box and then inform us of the address in the delivery details section.

Before being asked to pay, you must confirm you have read our terms and conditions. Please take a few minutes to do this.

When payment has been successful you will be contacted before the payment is finally processed.

If you have any enquiries please use the Contact Us page for more information.