The story of so far

Sunday, 1 January 2006  |  Admin

The story of so far

Let's try and see if we can build ourselves a website I said. Apparently it's really easy. Our first attempt was a miserable failure for what we found out to be some very simple things that we didn't do but had a massive impact on our web status. We decided not to go any further with it and didn't bother for another three years.

As things progressed though, we knew that we had to try again. I managed to secure what I though was a very good domain name. In fact I couldn't believe that was still available. Not my first choice as I would have preferred (it's all about the 's'), but more about that later.

Our website was born, and after a while it gradually gained interest and we were getting sales. The most important thing we noticed was that other online companies in Tenerife were not really offering competitive prices online so we priced ourselves accordingly. We knew that the products on sale were more or less by the same suppliers and people would book with us because of our prices and importantly service to the customer.

Our first website actually included person to person delivery and payment only when the customers received the tickets for excursions which a lot of people preferred as we could have been anybody. Consumers have now moved away from this preference and we are glad to say that our new site has all tickets for excursions delivered in digital form and payments are taken online.

Anyway about, this is where I got lucky. I was emailed by a rogue company that said it would be available shortly and they could secure it for a massive fee. I didn't want it that much, but kept my eye on it to see if it would be renewed. It wasn't and I jumped on it.

I am now pleased to relaunch our website under the name of Prices are as competitive as ever and as always we use the most reputable suppliers on the island of Tenerife. Make sure you sign up on the home page for the ten percent discount code for even more savings.

Have a good holiday!