What paperwork do you need to holiday in Tenerife?

Saturday, 4 September 2021  |  Admin

What paperwork do you need to holiday in Tenerife?

1. Book your two day UK return test. There are a list of providers on the government website here. Please be careful. The prices you see are not always the prices you will be asked to pay. Our feedback suggests that the following companies have been giving a fairly reliable service. Nationwide Pathology at 40, Randox Health at between 43 & 45 and Dante Labs at 48. Please take note that you will find all of the mentioned companies have received good and bad reviews, but it seems that if you book them in advance of your holiday they will arrive in good time. Ones that have been booked a couple of days before your departure from Tenerife tend to push the timeline a bit. Some of these companies require a certain amount of registration online to get your test results, so please bear this in mind.

2. You need to fill in the Spain Travel Health form to get a QR code which is necessary for your entry into Spanish territory. This can be found at https://www.spth.gob.es/. Do not fill this form in until you are inside the 48 hour window prior to travel. There have been problems where a form has been part filled and cannot be retrieved at a later date. I can't be sure if this problem with the site has been resolved so don't take that risk.

3. Print everything you have so far. Print your Spanish QR code. Print your proof of vaccination. This will save time at the airport. It is also advisable to print your confirmation of the day two test and bring it with you even though you may not have to present it at the airport outbound. You may be asked to produce it on departure from Tenerife and the reference numbers are required for the UK locator forms.

Present the following documents at the airport:
Your boarding pass.
Your Spanish Health QR code.
Your proof of vaccination.

4. Enjoy your holiday, but ...

5. Make sure you book your antigen test within a 48 hour window of your departure from Tenerife. We've found the day before departure is adequate. You can test as early as 72 hours, but some people have been caught out by this as the regulations require you to test within 72 hours of landing, not take off. People have tested on a morning three days prior to an afternoon take off, thus rendering their tests invalid. I know, but this has happened and I'm not going to judge.

6. When you have tested negative and received your pass certificates you need to fill in your UK locator form. You can only do this within 48 hours prior to arrival in the UK so again, the day before travelling is adequate. The locator form can be found here.

7. The following documents should be printed for departure (although they can be present on your phone if you want to hold everyone up at the gate).

Your boarding pass.
Your UK locator form.
Your covid test pass certificate.
Your proof of a two day UK test.
Your proof of vaccination.

If you have children, they have a different set of regulations to comply with, which I can make clear to people if they contact us. As the school holidays have finished, I thought I'd leave it for another day.

The information provided is correct at the time of publication.